Monthly Gift

We need a hero, actually…we need a LEAGUE OF HEROES!
Since 1873 we have worked to provide care and shelter for distressed animals, prevent cruelty to animals and create a more humane community through education in the schools and beyond.

Your monthly gift ensures that we can continue this mission and create new programming to make the world a better place for animals and the people who love them.

It is our goal to recruit enough heroes to cover our food and cat litter expenses for the year. Last year that totaled over $16,000 for just cats and dogs. To reach this goal, we hope to find 60 new Heroes to join our current League of Heroes. Will you help us, help the animals?

All new Heroes who join League of Heroes in January* will receive our “Ask Me How I Save Lives” t-shirt, exclusive only to League of Heroes and our Volunteers.

Our League of Heroes is the opportunity to make a difference in animals lives, right in  your community. Join us to unite families and save lives today by making a monthly gift.

*All active heroes who have made at least 3 monthly gifts will receive their t-shirt in April to allow time for printing and shipping.



  • $10 provides a bale of hay for rabbits/guinea pigs and small animals for one month
  • $25 feeds two pets for a month
  • $50 will feed and vaccinate one pet each month
  • $100 feeds, vaccinates and provides basic medical treatment for one animal

Will you be the hero they deserve?