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Donation Drives
Many families have recently selected Lowell Humane Society as the recipient for celebration donations; they ask for donations from our Wish List in lieu of birthday gifts, religious celebrations, or just for fun. When you deliver the donations, we’ll do a photo op to share on social media and you might even end up in our E-Newsletter!

We offer tours of our facility for Scout troops, classrooms and other youth groups. It is free to participate, though we encourage your group to work on a service project such as a Wish List  drive, bake sale or lemonade stand to benefit our shelter animals. The tour will bring your group through our staff and public areas of the facility and will cover age-appropriate topics regarding to how our animal shelter operates.

Tours are scheduled a minimum of TWO WEEKS in advance. Certain days or the week/times of year may be unavailable due to staffing restrictions. Please complete this form to schedule a tour.

Questions? contact our Shelter Program Manager at

Looking for a way to help? These ideas are great for solo kids or scout/classroom projects!
Here are some fun ways for kids to get involved. We love when Children visit the shelter to deliver their donations and see the animals they are helping!

Penny Wars
You can have each grade level compete or have classroom against classroom in a penny war. Each group participating needs a LARGE jar or bucket to collect pennies in, set a period of time (one month or one semester) and have kids bring pennies in to fill their jars.

In a penny war, it’s not about the monetary total to win. The value of any pennies collected by a group count positively toward that group’s point total, while the value of other coins or dollar bills are subtracted. Hence, in a competition between Group A and Group B, a contributor who wants Group A to win will place pennies into Group A’s bucket and nickels, dimes, quarters and dollar bills into Group B’s bucket. At the end, a winner among groups is declared, and all the proceeds are donated to our charity, so it’s a WIN for all really!

Wish List Drive
There are many items that you can donate to help make our shelter animals more comfortable. Some items like paper towels, cans of cat food or bleach can be easily purchased but other items can be found right around the house! When holding a wish list drive we recommend selecting 5 easy items and focusing on those to collect. Paper towels, pet food (dry or cans), blankets/towels, pet toys and bleach.

Feeling Crafty?
There are LOTS of pet toys, blankets or beds you can make for the animals. Check out these cool links:

Instructions for cat beds, toys and more!
Feather Cat Toys

Pipe Cleaner Cat Toys

Toilet Paper Tube Cat Toys

Toilet Paper Dog Treat Tubes

We’ve had many children elect to request donations in place of birthday gifts recently! If your child does this, please feel free to call ahead to set up a drop of time or just pop in during open hours.

If you elect to drop in with donations that were collected by kids, PLEASE let our staff know when you arrive, so we can get a photo of them for a post to our facebook page!



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