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Make a Difference and Help Animals with Medical  Needs by Donating to Tobby's Fund


Foreclosures, down sizing, veterinary and food costs – many pet
owners have come to the Lowell Humane Society with great
sadness, forced to surrender their dogs and cats when faced with
financial hardship. The economic downturn resulted in an influx of
surrendered pets requiring immediate minor and occasionally
major medical attention. Prior to being placed up for adoption, pets
are evaluated, vaccinated and treated medically. Unfortunately the
economy has also affected the amount and size of donations to the
shelter. The volume of medical cases and emergency visits for
animals in distress has taxed the shelter heavily.

Minor medical expenses include: ear infections, worms, urinary
tract infections, dental work and more frequently Lyme disease.
Major medical expenses include: foreign body obstructions, broken
limbs, heart worm and in one case recently, an emergency
c-section for a pregnant dog. "Tobby's Fund" seeks to establish an
on-going fund to help meet the immediate needs of surrendered
pets brought to the shelter.

About the Fund

Tobby's fund was established because a generous donor simply
asked how could she could help. The shelter staff thought of a
3-year-old Bichon Frisee mix named Tobby. Tobby's previous owner
took him to his veterinarian for an unexplained bleeding sore on his
head.  Although it scabbed frequently, it bled profusely when he scratched
at it. After Tobby left the office undiagnosed and requiring further
tests, Tobby's owner made the decision she felt was in the Tobby's best
interest. She surrendered Tobby to the Lowell Humane Society
because she could not afford the treatment Tobby needed.

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Lowell Humane Society
Attn: Tobby's Fund
951 Broadway Street
:Lowell, MA 01854

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