Kids Programs

Kids 4 Paws

Kids 4 Paws  was created by two sisters who love animals and wanted to help the shelter, so they started having fundraisers and wish list drives! Kids 4 Paws is for 6-11 year old girls and boys and now meets by appointment only. 

It is free to participate in Kids 4 Paws. Each session, a special guest visits to talk about their job working with animals or working to make animals lives better. Then any kids who have done a fundraiser for the month can present the items or donations to the shelter. We wrap things up with a craft, game or project. Scout, church, and other youth groups are welcome to attend! 

Visit our kids' brochure HERE for more information. 

Adult supervision is required. For more information about our Kids 4 Paws program or to schedule your kids' group, contact our Volunteer Coordinator Sheri Gustafson