30 Days of Prizes

JUNE 30: winner of $100 cash: DawnMarie Long
JUNE 29: winner of $25 CASH: AMY HUNTER, generously donated back to LHS!
JUNE 28: winner of $25 cash: Suzanne Gagnon
JUNE 27: winner of $50 cash: Paula Descheneaux, generously donating $10 back to LHS!
JUNE 26: winner of $25 cash: Leah Basbanes
JUNE 25: winner of $25 cash: Alicia Donahue
JUNE 24: winner of $25 cash: Bill Reedy
JUNE 23: winner of $50 Visa Gift Card donated by Washington Savings Bank: Kathleen Kimble- generously donated back to LHS to purchase items for the animals!
JUNE 22: winner of $50 Amazon Gift Card: Dina Gerosideris
JUNE 21: winner of $25 CASH in memory of Willow: Lynne Anne Baker
JUNE 20th: winner of $50 Market Basket Gift Card: Laura Scarlett Tavares
JUNE 19th: winner of $25 CASH: Susan Balkus
JUNE 18th: winner of $25 99’s Gift Card: Wendy Dulac
JUNE 17th: winner of $25 CASH: Julie Hill
JUNE 16th: winner of $25 Applebee’s Gift Card: Valerie Messina
JUNE 15th: winner of $100 CASH: Holly Lindgren, Holly generously donated her winnings back to LHS!
JUNE 14th: winner of Mary Kay Pamper Session for 6: Caitlin Piekos
JUNE 13th: winner of $25 CASH Kathy Briscoe
JUNE 12th: winner of $50 Gift Certificate to Gibbet Hill Grill: Karen Heger
JUNE 11th: winner of 4 Tickets to Nashua Silver Knights Game: Danielle McCrady
JUNE 10th: winner of 2 passes to Showcase Cinemas: Melissa Craig
JUNE 9th: winner of $25 CASH, donated in memory if Gennie: DEB HEROUX
JUNE 8th: winner of $25 Gift Card to Panera Bread: JUDY HALEY
JUNE 7th: winner of $25 Gift Card to Petsmart: MICHELLE BRAZEAU
JUNE 6th: winner of $25 CASH, donated in Memory of Cricket: STACY GILBERT
JUNE 5, winner of $50 Gift Card to Market Basket: TINA MORSE
JUNE 4, winner of 2 passes to Showcase Cinemas: TRINA PICARDI
JUNE 3, winner of 4 passes to Lazer Craze: CHRISTINE ROBINSON
JUNE 2, winner of $25 Gift Card to Olive Garden: LYNN SULLIVAN
JUNE 1st, winner of $50 Gift Card donated by Washington Savings Bank: JOYCE ERIKSEN


Each day of June we will pull ONE winner to receive an awesome prize! There will be a limited number of tickets sold and we will only sell tickets through the end of MAY.  Each ticket purchased is eligible to win EVERY DAY (even if you win, you will be entered again and again!)
Check out the calendar below to view the prizes. TICKET SALES HAVE CLOSED. Thank you for helping us raise $4,690 for the animals through this awesome fundraiser! May the odds be ever in your favor!

100% of the proceeds benefit Lowell Humane Society!


june calendar



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