Each day of July we will pull ONE winner to receive an awesome prize! There will be a limited number of tickets sold and we will only sell tickets through the end of JUNE.  Each ticket purchased is eligible to win EVERY DAY (even if you win, you will be entered again and again!)  CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR TICKETS

Check out the list of prizes by date below. May the odds be ever in your favor!

100% of the proceeds benefit Lowell Humane Society!

July 1: 
Tracy Matt ticket no. 009. Prize $25 CASH
July 2: Yuko Broskie ticket no. 146. Prize Haircut by Organix
July 3: Theresa Grant ticket no. 212. Prize $25 CASH
July 4: Deb Toher ticket no. 071. Prize $25 GC to Good Thymes Restaurant
July 5: Kathy Murphy ticket no. 151. Prize $50 CASH
July 6: Corey DeJesus ticket no. 335. Prize $75 CAS
July 7: Jenn Kidder ticket no. 405. Prize $25 GC to Owen & Ollies
July 8: Priscilla Gately ticket no. 115. Prize $25 CASH in memory of Helix
July 9: Crystal Meins ticket no. 255. Prize $50 CASH donated by Rub My Belly
July 10:   Derek Heron ticket no. 339. Prize $35 GC to Butterfly Museum
July 11: Mark Geddes (Mom’s) ticket no. 337. Prize $50 Target GC
July 12: Amy Piekos ticket no. 216. Prize $25 CASH in memory of Rusty
July 13: Natalie Lampron ticket no. 001. Prize $100 GC to Especially For Pets
July 14: Melanie O’Malley ticket no 006. Prize $50 CASH in memory of Sam
July 15: Jenn Kidder ticket no 405. Prize $25 CASH in memory of KCm
July 16: Penny Lacroix ticket no 240. Prize $25 GC to Good Times Restaurant
July 17: Lisa Pisano ticket no 031. Prize $25 CASH in memory of Shelly
July 18:Donna Barach ticket no. 193. Prize $25 GC to The Loft
July 19: John Linehan ticket no 272. Prize $25 CASH donated by Winston Cooper Meowington
July 20: Tina Burton Langan ticket no 027. Prize $50 CASH donated in memory of Dexter
July 21: Milo c/o Mitchell Solomon. Prize GC to Fishbones
July 22: Elizebeth Rahill. Prize $35 GC to The Butterfly Place
July 23: Lisa Pisano ticket no 034. Prize Two passes to Storyland.
July 24: Margo Thac ticket no 313. Prize $25 CASH in memory of Cricket & Lucy.
July 25: Jacqui Parrington Paradise ticket no 253. Prize Manicure by Organix.
July 26: Mike Mirisola ticket no 050. Prize Massage GC to Elements Massage
July 27: Tracey Matt. Prise $25 GC to Good Thymes
July 28: Corey DeJesus. Prize $25 GC to Nancey Tobey Studios
July 29:
John Lenihan. Prize 1 dozen chocolate dipped fruit from Edible Arrangements
July 30: 
Roger Peace. Prize $25 GC to Ferns in Carlisle
July 31:
 Brian Hunter. Prize: $100 CASH



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