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Custard is a 2 years, 8 months old female Guinea Pig small&furry and has been with us for 101 days.

Introducing Custard, a charming 2-year-old guinea pig with a heart as sweet as her namesake! With her beautiful tan and white coat that's as soft as a cloud, Custard is an absolute delight to behold. She's always up for a game of hide-and-seek or exploring new toys and tunnels in her enclosure. But what Custard truly craves is companionship, which is why she must be adopted alongside her dear sister, Creme. Together, they make an unbeatable duo, bringing out the best in each other and spreading joy wherever they go. While Custard is already a social butterfly, she could certainly benefit from more opportunities for interaction and bonding with her sister by her side. If you're ready to open your heart and home to this loving and playful pair, Custard and Creme can't wait to become cherished members of your family. Come meet them today and experience the endless love and happiness they have to offer!

Guinea Pigs have a vegan diet that consists mainly of high quality Timothy Hay, supplemented with 1/8 cup of hay-based pellets per day. Guinea Pigs also need 1 cup of fresh veggies every day, including things like romaine, green & red leaf lettuce, escarole, parsley, dill, and bell peppers. They also need additional Vitamin C supplements because they do not create their own-just like us!

Guinea Pigs are social animals and should be kept with or near at least one other guinea pig of the same sex. They should be kept in a solid base cage, with a minimum size of 7.5 square feet-approximately 2ft x 4ft, with room for food, water, enrichment, and places to hide.

Our shelter is open every day except Monday from 12-4. If you are interested in this pet, please call us at 978-452-7781, email, or stop by the shelter to request an adoption application.
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ID number: 55088437