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All about YaYa

YaYa is a 14 years, 1 month old female Domestic Shorthair cat and has been with us for 45 days.

Yello from Yaya! This 14 year old all black spayed female cat is ready for a home to curl up in and call her own! She gives you the cutest little chirps when you go up to her enclosure, and comes right to the front. Her previous owner said she will even respond to you when you say hello! She is very friendly and affectionate, and loves being brushed! Her favorite toys are string & mice, and she has a blast when she gets into some catnip.

Due to her age and gentler personality, we think Yaya would be happiest in a home with older kids who are able to respect her boundaries and give her space when she wants it. She has quite the fun time hissing at the other cats here at the shelter, so we do not think she will be good with another cat in the home. We think she would do best with a calm, cat-savvy dog that will not bother her. Are you ready to hear the cutest Yaya chirps? Follow the steps below to come meet her!

Our shelter is open every day from 12-4, closed on Mondays. If you are interested in this pet, please call us at 978-452-7781, email, or stop by the shelter to request an adoption application.
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ID number: 55479428