Virtual Dog Training Available!

GoodPup logo - Private dog training at home over 1-1 video chat.
Training Partner of Lowell Humane Society

We’ve partnered with Good Pup which offers virtual training and can help make your relationship with your dog so much better. Dogs generally want to please and enjoy the training process; it’s a great bonding activity too! Turn spending quality time with your dogs into a well-behaved companion, and everyone wins! Plus, Lowell Humane Society gets a $40 donation from everyone who completes training.

The best part? Your first week is FREE and 10% off FOR LIFE! With virtual training options seven days a week, you decide what works for you and your pup. You get a personalized training plan and access to a trainer for any questions between sessions.

Sign up for free at this link, and Good Pup will donate $40 to LHS after you complete training.

You can also help shelter dogs work on bad habits OR prevent dogs from ever coming to the shelter by donating a scholarship for training; email us for details on donating a scholarship for training.


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