Sometimes, we have animals surrendered with simple medical issues to resolve. Other times, we are slammed with complicated medical case after case. Whether it be simple or more involved- we are committed to saving lives- but our funds are depleted.

SophieSophie’s Story:
A few weeks ago, we received a call from a Vet Tech who is part of our Lowell Humane family. She had a young chihuahua puppy in her hospital who was suffering from an obstruction. This silly pup had eaten something she could not digest and it was blocking her intestines. The family could not afford the expensive surgery to remove the blockage and were considering euthanasia, but the Vet Tech knew Lowell Humane would step up to save her. We got her right in to one of our partner hospitals and she is now a happy, healthy puppy again, and we hope to be able to pay her hospital bill with support from our Lowell Humane Family.


AvaAva’s Story:
Ava’s story is not as cut and dry as Sophie’s, we are still unsure what is causing her ailments. Your donations are imperative in helping us continue the testing to figure out what is ailing her.

Ava is a sweet, 3 year old shiba inu and was surrendered to our shelter because she had been feeling sick for about a month. She was diagnosed with giardia and began treatment with her family and although she is now giardia free, she is still struggling; she is underweight, has neurological issues and kidney problems. She’s had bloodwork run and event spent 4 days in the emergency room before she stabilized, but the veterinarians are still unsure of what the cause is.

We’re committed to continuing to seek out what is causing Ava’s illness and helping her to recover; but we’ll need your help as we continue to determine her illness; the bills are piling up each time she needs blood work, xrays and other diagnostics. We will keep you update on her progress each week. Please help if you can!



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