Cat DufresneCat Dufresne started her volunteer tenure at Lowell Humane Society in November 2011. She loved animals, especially dogs, and it broke her heart to think she wasn’t playing a part in helping them to find their forever homes. Initially, she talked herself out of volunteering because she was afraid she would want to take them all home. The more she thought about it, she realized that because of her selfish thoughts, many dogs would miss out on so much love she had to give.

Cat’s favorite part of volunteering is seeing the dogs find their furever homes. It’s wonderful to see adopters post pictures saying how happy they are with their new addition. When Cat’s not walking dogs at the shelter, she’s spending time with her wife, Lauren and their 6 year old rescue dog named Nikki; who’s a gentle and laid back girl that loves cuddling (she prefers to be the little spoon).

Cat’s favorite experience volunteering happened a few years ago when there was an awesome little pocket pittie named Peachie who was tough to place. As sweet as she was, she preferred to be an only child, making it hard to find her perfect match. Cat had been up in Maine visiting friends and mentioned Peachie. As she told her friends more about her, they became very interested; they had the perfect home with tons of land to hike and play on. They drove 4 hours to meet Peachie, and they officially fell in love and took her home. Cat even visited Peachie in her new home and couldn’t help but tear up seeing how happy she was with her furever family.
Cat wants people to know that Lowell Humane isn’t a death sentence for dogs. She’s heard so many people say that they think if a dog goes to the shelter, they will be euthanized. That’s just not the case, LHS puts a lot of love, effort and money into finding the animals a home and has a high success rate of doing exactly that.

Cat’s final thoughts are that she’s thankful for having been a part of so many animals lives and for all of the amazing animal lovers she has met, thanks to LHS. Learn more about how you can join the LHS Team.



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