Looking for a new furry family member? Adoption fees will be waived for small animals on Saturday April 9th and Sunday April 10th.  We’re teaming up with MSPCA, Animal Rescue League of Boston, Dakin Humane Society, and Northeast Animal Shelter to highlight the urgent need for adoptive homes for all of the small furry and feathered animals in our care.  They may be small, but they will hold a big place in your heart!

The shelter will be open from 12-3 pm both days for small animal adoptions. 

Before coming to the shelter:

  • Review our Adoption Guidelines page so you know what to expect
  • Complete a Small Animal Adoption Application and email it to forms@lowellhumanesociety.org 
    • Include “Small Animal Adoptathon” as the subject line, and attach a photo of your set-up
  • Visit our Available Pets page to see some of the small animals available this weekend!
  • Send a photo of the pen/cage you plan to keep your adopted small animal in. Some commercial cages are not ideal for small animals and we want to make sure you have the optimal set up for your new animal’s health and behavioral needs. If you are looking to purchase housing, visit MSPCA’s web page for recommendations on the minimum sized housing for small animals. We ask that you have a housing unit purchased before coming to the event
  • We plan for same-day adoptions, so be prepared for your new small animal friend to leave with you on the same day as your visit
  • Purchase food, supplies, bedding, toys and a carrier in advance, and do your research on pet care for the type of animal you are planning to adopt
    • Cardboard carriers are available for a $5 fee
  • Sending in your application by early will help ensure that you are ready to adopt when you arrive. However, you can also fill out an application when you arrive.
  • We cannot guarantee that your preferred animal will be available and cannot place holds on animals. We will do our best to help you find the right match!
  • Please be prepared for a wait! We anticipate a lot of interest in the available small animals, so there may be a wait period at various points during your visit. Expect to spend 1-2 hours during your visit

Is a small animal right for your family?

While “pocket pets” may seem like easier pet choices (or better “starter” pets), they require just as much care as any other animal — and often more given daily cage cleaning, scheduled exercise, and time for socialization. Check out MSPCA’s Pet Resources information for tips and things to consider as you prepare for your new addition!

Do you have questions about fee-waived adoptions?

Read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for answers to the most common questions.


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