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Gizmo was the fourth dog brought to the shelter from an overwhelmed household with an unknown number of dogs. Initially, we thought Gizmo would be the easiest one to find a home for since the other dogs were all seniors with varying medical issues. However, we quickly realized this would not be the case when Gizmo tested positive for Heartworm disease. The treatment for this serious and potentially fatal disease takes 3-4 months and requires the dog to be kept as quiet as possible without any exercise for the duration of treatment. 

Complete rest is essential because too much activity can cause the worms to break up in the dog’s bloodstream, block the pulmonary vessels, and lead to death. At 5 years young, Gizmo needed this treatment to save his life, but it would be a challenge to ensure this energetic boy remained at rest for the next four months.

With the help of a veterinarian, staff came up with a plan for Gizmo’s treatment, then found a quiet foster home where Gizmo could receive the TLC he would need during recovery. His new foster dad checked in with staff nearly every day for the first month to provide updates on his status.

At first, Gizmo was unsure of his new environment. A nervous and shy pup, we knew it would take time for his foster dad to earn his trust. However, his foster family persevered! When Gizmo wouldn’t take his medication, they offered it to him in a variety of delicious chicken, hot dogs, cheese, and more until he found one he liked. When Gizmo wouldn’t go into his crate for rest, they reconfigured a small space to make a safe place for him to stay. And then they reconfigured another space when he grew tired of the first one. After much trial and error, patience, and love– Gizmo and his foster dad finally began to fall in step with one another, and life became much easier for both of them.

Nearly four months have passed since Gizmo tested positive and began treatment, and he is finally nearing the end of his recovery journey. It has been so rewarding to watch Gizmo recover from this disease surrounded by love and support. However, Gizmo was only able to receive this life-saving treatment because of caring individuals like you. As a non-profit organization, Lowell Humane Society receives no city, state, or federal funding and can only provide services to animals in need through your generous contributions. 

Giving Tuesday is just around the corner, and we are asking for your support to help build up the shelter’s Medical Fund because we never know when the next animal, just like Gizmo, will arrive in need of critical care. By making a gift today, you are helping to ensure that we never have to question whether or not we can afford to provide an animal with the care they deserve. 

If you are in a position to give, please give generously to help Gizmo and other pets like him. This year, we have spent nearly $50,000 on medical expenses for animals in need. Our goal is to raise $6,000 this Giving Tuesday to support Gizmo’s medical needs and ensure that we have the necessary funds to make life-saving decisions for the sick and injured animals that arrive at the shelter each week.

Gizmo’s story is just one of the many instances where your support has changed the life of an animal in need. Thank you for your continued support of this important work and for ensuring that animals who need us the most are able to receive the best care possible.




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