Thinking about adding a guinea pig or rabbit to your family? Come find the perfect fit at our Fee-Waived Adoptathon! Thanks to generous donors we’ll be waiving the adoption fees for guinea pigs and rabbits from Friday September 22 through Sunday September 24, 12-4. We’re certain to have a great match for your family!

We are also including a free starter kit for a limited number of adopters- so you can have supplies ready for your new addition right away!

Your Starter Kit will Include

Hidey Hut
Bag of Food

All of our adoption centers will be participating and animals will be available during the open adoption hours; advance applications for the event is recommended but not required.

Review our How to Adopt page so you know what to expect.

Bring a photo of the cage you plan to keep your adopted pet in. Some commercial cages are not ideal for small animals and birds and we want to make sure you have the optimal set up for your new animal’s health and behavioral needs.

We recommend a C&C Cage set up for guinea pigs. Sizing: minimum cage size requirements for 1 or 2 guinea pigs should be at least 7.5 square ft (thought 10 would be better!). We ask that you have a housing unit purchased before coming in to the event

We routinely plan for same-day adoptions, so be prepared for your new guinea pig friend to leave with you on the same day as your visit.

Please be prepared for a wait! There may be a wait period at various points during your visit. Expect to spend from 1-2 hours during your visit. 

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