We’re living in uncertain times, it’s been over a month since we’ve seen our friends, we’re wearing masks to the grocery store (or getting everything delivered!), our kids are trapped in the house and our pets are either thrilled that we’re home so much or ready for us all to go back to life as normal. 

Things are different for us at the shelter too; we’ve shifted operations to host most animals in foster homes and spending more time on “virtual adoptions”, speaking with adopters over the phone at length before they even meet the pet so we can limit exposure to our staff. The few animals in the shelter are getting extra TLC, especially since many of them have medical issues or need additional socialization. We are working with a beautiful senior pit bull named Roxy who needs to have mammary masses removed, a sweet cat who fought for her life after she crashed after having kittens is recovering in foster care, a lovely big tabby cat who has cardiomyopathy and the list goes on. We need your support to continue saving pets like Roxy.

We’re here to say HANG IN THERE! You can hang in there and spread this positive message by purchasing our new “Hang In There” T-shirt! A portion of the proceeds will benefit the animals of Lowell Humane Society. Get yours today!




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