What do you love most about your pet?

Take a moment to think about your beloved pet and what makes them so special to you. Are they an excellent snuggler, or the best walking buddy on these cool fall days? Now think about all of the love and care you provide to your pet. And how they still get excited each time you open a treat bag, or how they affectionately rub against your leg when you walk by. You are their whole world, providing them with never-ending happiness and comfort.

Today at the shelter, there are 145 lovable animals. They are just like your treasured pet but are without a family right now. But these animals are not alone because they have YOU to be there for them until they find their future homes. It’s compassionate members of our community, like you, who are the guardians, protectors, and families of homeless animals when they need it most.

Each year, over 1,000 animals come to Lowell Humane Society for food, shelter, basic medical care, and often more intensive support. That number continues to rise- that is why your gift is so important

One of those pets is relying on you to receive the care and resources they need right now. It is only through the generosity of individuals like you that these animals can come to the shelter and be met with helping hands and essential resources during their time of need.

By donating to Lowell Humane Society’s Annual Fund today, you are providing an animal in need with resources that will ensure they are well cared for during their stay at the shelter. To these animals, a gift of $50 means freedom from thirst and hunger and a comfortable and safe temporary shelter. A gift of $100 can ensure their basic medical needs are met.

Please consider making a gift to change an animal’s life today. Dedicated supporters like you are the reason why hundreds of pets will receive temporary solace at the shelter before going off to loving adoptive homes each year. The animal you help through your contribution will bring the same joy your pet brings to you, to their future family.

Your generosity is what will provide an animal in need with the resources, love, and care they deserve when they come to Lowell Humane Society for help. Thank you for being the power behind this important work and ensuring that we can remain an essential resource for a community in need.


Jill O’Connell

Executive Director


P.S. In addition to basic care, many animals at the shelter also require specialized medical treatment, behavioral training, emotional support, and more. Thanks to your support, each animal receives the individualized care they need to thrive and heal during their stay. The results are happy, healthy animals and lifelong human-animal connections. Your generous gift makes a difference- thank you!


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