unnamedDo you remember Taco? He arrived at LHS back in September with a fractured pelvis and required surgery to repair the break. He’s been in a foster home with a loving family since then, but the veterinarians are not happy with his recovery so far. In addition to not seeing the improvements in mobility they had hoped for, he has also been diagnosed with slight scoliosis of the spine, causing further pain and sensitivity and slowing down his progress. We’ve signed him up for physical therapy in hopes that he can avoid another painful surgery, but even with a discount, we expect to spend nearly $2,000 on his continued care, if not more.


Taco’s story is one of the larger medical cases we’ve seen this year, but there are many other smaller medical issues that deplete our resources quickly. This past month, we have seen an influx of cystitis cases; these are cats who arrived in our care due to chronic litterbox issues that could be traced back and attributed to a need for medical treatment. These cats all had blood in their urine and required weeks of foster care on a special diet and multiple urinalyses to monitor their recovery. Most of these cases can be dealt with by simply changing over to a special diet, but it is costly for us when there are so many at one time. Although it adds up, we know that cats like Toby, Dippy, Bleu, Nylo and Frankie Blue Eyes are worth every penny and this treatment saves their lives.


Toby_s Fund
Jax with Sant

We also depend on Tobby’s Fund, our medical fund, for the numerous dentals needed each month, like Jax, a Pomeranian who needed 17 teeth extracted! When we find a pet with a painful mouth, we know that a dental is necessary to prevent added medical problems like heart and liver issues down the line. We have at least 5 cats and dogs who receive dental cleanings and surgery every month; at approximately $300 each, or more, it adds up quickly.


This holiday season, consider honoring a loved one with a Holiday Angels gift. When you donate to Tobby’s Fund this month, you have the option to send a special e-card to a loved one. Visit our website to make a donation today!



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