WazowskiLOVE. There are so many types; the love for our friends, our family and of course the love we have for our pets. If you’ve ever shared your home with a pet, you’re very familiar with unconditional love. The little face peering out the window as you come in the front door, wagging tails to greet you and friendly felines rubbing against your legs to welcome you home. Love can extend out to even animals you don’t know; your friend’s pets when you see their adorable faces on social media, that neighbor’s bouncy puppy that you see walking down the street each day and recently for a Chelmsford resident named Elena- a petite black cat who showed up in her yard. At first glance, the little guy seemed to be in good shape, but the next time he visited she noticed that his eye was injured and she knew he needed help right away.

Elena contacted Lowell Humane Society to find out how to help the injured cat. We advised her to visit the shelter to borrow a humane trap and we taught her how to use it. The following day, when she knew he would be back for his meal, she set the trap with delicious canned food inside. It didn’t take long for him to saunter into the trap for his free meal and Elena was able to get him quickly to Lowell Humane Society. After a quick exam, our staff knew that this cat was not feral and that his eye would need attention. We consulted with a veterinarian, settled him into a warm bed for the night and made him comfortable with a dose of pain medication. The next morning, he had surgery to remove the ruptured eye and he’s now comfortably recovering and waiting to find his new home. His name is Wazowski, named after the lovable character Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc. We’ll never know exactly how he became injured, but we are so happy that Elena was kind enough to save his life by calling us that day. What would you do if you found a cat? Check out this handout for the best way to determine if a cat in your neighborhood needs help.



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