The last few months have been interesting for us at Lowell Humane Society. If you’ve stopped by the shelter or visited our website, you may have noticed we have very few animals available for adoption. Each day, someone walks in and proclaims “Where are all the cats?”. We’re excited to be part of a region very focused and committed to spaying and neutering; so much so, that the local population of homeless cats is starting to dwindle. Without the overpopulation of kittens filling our shelter cages, we now have the time to focus on other animals who need additional help. 

LiloLilo is one of those cats who needed a little extra attention. She arrived at the shelter due to a change in her owners living situation. This beautiful girl struggled being in a cage; she was insecure and felt trapped in a cage; so we moved her to an office space to let her get more comfortable. Just a few days later her sweet, affectionate personality shined through. Now she enjoys sitting in laps being pet, “baking biscuits” on your lap and she was adopted out into a wonderful new home! 

ShanookShanook is another girl who stole our hearts. She is a beautiful young dog who arrived at the shelter very scared. She trembled simply attaching a leash to her collar and would plaster her body to your side if there was a startling noise during a walk.  With a little time and patience to help her come around, Shanook now she leaps with joy into the staffs lap for a cuddle. 

We are lucky to have a smaller shelter population. It allows us to give the animals who need it, a little extra time to adjust and transition to the new environment. However, that extra time can result in extra expenses for many animals with a longer stay at the shelter; due to medical or behavioral issues. Your donations help us continue to provide these animals the quality care they deserve, no matter how long it takes them to be ready for adoption.

Please consider saving more lives by becoming a monthly donor today. You can sign up right online and give as little as $10 each month and it makes a world of difference to each and every one of them.



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