Education is the foundation of change. The staff at the Lowell Humane Society understands the importance of teaching our youth the value of all living things and the responsibility that comes with caring for a pet. Our staff welcomes the opportunity to visit schools, civic groups or attend community events. Tours of the animal shelter are also available. For more information, contact our Community Outreach Coordinator at

The Lowell Humane Society also offers volunteer opportunities for volunteers that are too young to volunteer in the shelter. Check out of volunteer Opportunities for information on our “Teens Helping Pets”  and “Kids 4 Paws” programs.

Little Ways to Help Animals in Your Community

  • Treat animals kindly and with respect
  • Do not feed wild animals and do all that you can to protect their habitats
  • If you see an animal being mistreated, report it to an adult
  • Convince your family to adopt a homeless animal from a shelter instead of a pet store. Consider an adult animal who is looking for a home.
  • Have your pets spayed or neutered
  • Bring your pets to the vet annually for a check up
  • Be sure your pets wear collars with ID tags at all times
  • Help support your local animal shelter