As we celebrate the season of love, we are reminded of the unconditional love of our own pets. You’re invited to Share the Love with homeless pets of Lowell Humane Society this month. Your generosity has the power to transform their lives; providing food, medical care, and the attention they deserve while they wait to find a loving family of their own. Our pets prove every day that love knows no bounds, and your compassion can make a real difference to the pets waiting to find that love for themselves. By joining our “Share the Love” campaign, you are extending your love to pets who desperately need it.

All throughout February, we will be hosting a Giving Grid where you can donate and then upload your favorite photo of your own pet (or your favorite shelter pet) to show that our homeless pets are loved and cared for before they find their forever family!

Click here to see everyone who is sharing the love with our shelter pets, and join them by selecting a square to donate and then upload your photo to take the place of the square. At the end of the fundraiser, we will post the entire grid on social media and share in our newsletter to celebrate the community who opened their hearts and donated to care for our shelter pets!


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