ScotchSpring is usually the time when lots of kittens start arriving, community cats start having litters and many will find them in their sheds and under wood piles as they start their spring cleaning. Over the last eight years, we have watched our kitten intakes decrease each year and last year it had decreased by over 50% since 2008! This decrease in numbers is directly linked to local TNR programs run by groups such as Lowell TNR and Kitty Angels  The wonderful thing about the decrease in kittens, is that we have more time to give adult cats who may need some TLC.

Recently we’ve had a number of very shy cats come through our doors; these are kitties who need more time to acclimate to new surroundings and extra patience while they search for their new homes. Many of these cats come from normal, quiet homes and the shelter is just a shell shock to them. We’ve found that they flourish in a foster home where their temporary family can help network them and find them a new home, but it does make it harder to find families since they’re not in the shelter for people to meet during our adoption hours.

Some of these cats have also come from hoarding situations, where there were just too many cats in the home for the owner to give each one the attention needed and they have to learn how fun it is to be part of the family. These cats can take weeks or even months before they start initiating interaction with people on their own. The next step is where you can come in.

Three Ways You Can Help Our Shy Cats

1. Become a virtual adoption ambassador: You can select a cat from our website and share their story on your Facebook and other social media accounts. Add a blurb and their photo to your outgoing e-mail signature or print their photo and bio to hang in your office lunchroom, library and local supermarket, with a note that they are adoptable at Lowell Humane Society

2. Donate: You can make a donation to help cover the costs of their food and care until they are adopted. Animals in foster care generally cost approximately $30/month to provide food, litter and toys for. You could also donate clay non-clumping cat litter, bleach, liquid laundry detergent or paper towels to the shelter!

3. Become a foster home:  If you’re willing to open a spare bedroom, office or bathroom up to house a shy cat- YOU can foster! Lowell Humane Society provides all the food, litter, toys and other supplies to become a foster home. You just need the space, a little extra love and patience!



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