warm weather tipsWhile it’s only February, the temps are rising! The warmer weather has caused increased numbers of loose dogs , we’re seeing lots of found dog posts via our friends at Missing Dogs Massachusetts and our animal control friends have reported increased numbers too! If that wasn’t enough, we’ve had several Good Samaritans each day stop by our with found dogs to check for a microchip! When the weather warms up, everyone is itching to get outside and our dogs are no different! Check out these tips to make sure your dog stays right at home!

If your dog DOES go missing, contact Animal Control for your city/town, our shelter and fill out the missing form at Missing Dogs Massachusetts, where you’ll also receive valuable resources to help bring your dog home safe!

Check your fences!
The winter can wreak havoc on your property and you don’t want your dog to be the first to discover the new break in the fence! Do a perimeter check now that the snow is melting and make sure there aren’t any spots your pup could squeeze out through.

Collar & ID!
Make sure your dog is wearing collar, id tags and has a microchip, EVEN if just going out into your own yard! If they get loose, an id tag is the easiest way for whoever finds your treasured pup to get them back to you. Make sure the id tag has your cell phone number, since you’ll want to be able to get the call if you’re out looking for your missing dog. Stop by our shelter for a personalized id tag starting at $5 and microchips for just $10!

As the weather warms up, intact animals begin their hunt for a mate. If your pet is spayed or neutered, they’ll be less likely to roam looking for their soul-mutt! Check out these resources for low cost options through our friends at the MSPCA.

Close gates!
Keep your gates closed and check the hardware! The winter weather can do a number on latches and you don’t want to find out something is broken by discovering Fido is on the run! Consider hanging a sign that says “Please Keep Gate Closed” to prevent delivery people from leaving it open by accident.

Check your screens & screen doors!
Check to make sure your screen doors and windows are in good shape, the ice can cause the screen to pull back from the frame, leaving the opportunity for escapees.



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