fc33b5bf-0efc-4f03-80f6-06b95683db30Each year, we attend over 400 offsite events at festivals, fairs, schools and more! Our Street Team volunteers are the face of Lowell Humane and spread the word on our mission. The summer offers the most opportunity to introduce LHS to new faces and we hope you can help!

Street Team volunteers are the public relations network for Lowell Humane. They talk up adoption, our volunteer program and explain how people can get involved in LHS. Do you have a few hours each month to spare? We ask our Street Team to commit to one event each month (2-5 hours/event). We provide all the materials and train our Street Team volunteers to answer questions! There are many events, some weekends, weekdays and weeknights.
So, if you enjoy talking to people about animals and are willing to give a few hours a month to help, please get in touch! Volunteer Orientations are on the second Wednesday of each month at 6pm. Just RSVP to our Volunteer Coordinator, Marie, to get involved!

a1a299c8-a386-457b-9b5f-87d40ea86869Street Team volunteers are so important in keeping LHS fresh on people’s minds. When you sign up to be a street team volunteer, you’ll be given all the training you need and will receive ongoing training. You only sign up for the events you have time for and for those you feel comfortable covering. You may also choose to attend a few events with a seasoned Street Team volunteer to become comfortable, before covering an event on your own! Usually, you’ll stop by the shelter before heading to an event to collect the “event stuff”, depending on the event, it may include: a bin with informational materials, a bin with t-shirts to sell, a table and an E-Z UP tent if it will be outdoors. Here’s a little more about the specific types of events our Street Team volunteers cover:

Fairs & Festivals
From neighborhood block parties to city-wide events, it’s important for Lowell Humane to be present to help families find their next pet, share information about animal resources in the community and just spread the word on how all community members, including kids, can get involved! Street Team volunteers often bring small animals or dogs to offsite events to expand their adopter pool. Some community events we’ve attended in the past include Acrefest, Mill No 5 Dog Days, Westford Farmers Market and Chelmsford Volunteer Fair.

School & Youth Group Visits
Lowell Humane is invited to many schools, scout troops and youth organizations to talk about basic pet care, dog bite prevention and to teach how to be a responsible pet owner to all ages. Most school visits include a short talk about a specific subject, followed by a question and answer period and we almost always bring a furry friend to meet the students. These visits are free for youth organizations, however we recommend holding a wish list drive or penny war fundraiser for the shelter. Our Street Team volunteer collects the donations to bring back to the shelter after their presentation. Some presentations are to a single classroom and some presentations are for a larger group. You’re never required to speak to a group if you’re not comfortable with public speaking!



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