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Dear Friend of the Lowell Humane Society,Quiver n Shiver

Can you believe that summer is here already?  While you might be thinking of sitting poolside or vacationing at the beach, we are helping baby bunnies abandoned on the Lowell Connector, rescuing tiny bottle-fed kittens and helping to spay and neuter local feral cat colonies. While summer might be a slow time for events, we are certainly keeping busy here at the shelter and putting your donations to good use.

On a cold day in May (no really, it was cold) we received a call from the Chelmsford Animal Control officer. He was on the scene with a homeowner and he just pulled 5 kittens out from under a shed. The homeowner was now on her way to the shelter with the kittens.

The kittens were blue and unresponsive when they arrived. Our staff and interns from Westford Academy worked hard to warm the kittens up as quickly as possible with heating pads and warm fluids. Things were looking up as the kittens began to respond.

The shelter borrowed an incubator from another local shelter to help maintain a stable temperature for them overnight. Sadly, three kittens passed away that night. However, the other two fighters are healthy and strong and will be ready for adoption soon.

QUiver n Shiver 2Working together for positive change is our definition of creating a humane community. From concerned citizen, to animal control officer, to shelter staff, to another shelter, to foster homes, to donors, everybody played a role. By working together, we achieved our mission and saved lives. And that’s incredible! This is what your donations accomplish.

Together we can continue to make a positive, meaningful and measurable impact on our community. We named the kittens Shiver and Quiver and hope their story inspires you to create a more humane community.

The work we do takes a village and donor roles are crucial to our success. You ensure that animals like Nixon can receive quality care and the necessary medications to help them recover from illness and injury.

After almost a month at the shelter, Nixon was the shelter superstar. Nixon
He was the meeter and greeter and at all of the dog-friendly events. Without warning, Nixon began to have difficulty walking and seemed to be in a lot of pain. After multiple veterinary visits, it was determined that he was suffering from degenerative disc disease. He is currently on a list of medications, but is responding well and appears to be pain-free.

Nixon is available for adoption, but he is also a candidate for our friends at SNORT, a local rescue that specializes in his breed and breeds similar to his. They are currently helping us by searching for a foster home. We are confident that they will help find a family that will fall in love with him, just like we did.

Working with other rescues and shelters is just one way we ensure that the animals entrusted to us receive the best care possible. We often have to look outside of the shelter for the best solution making our connections and collaborations so important.

Thank you so much for being part of our community and our family. We can’t do it without you.

Summer can be a tough time for charities, but our work does not take a vacation.  We hope that you will think of us and the animals in our care over the next few months. On behalf of all of us at the Lowell Humane Society, I thank you for your continued support.

Jill O’Connell
Executive Director

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