Marianne Tacas

Marianne Tacas, Volunteer Dog Walker & Cat Cuddler

Marianne began volunteering with Lowell Humane Society in January 2016 and has enjoyed her weekly visits walking dogs and snuggling cats. She was motivated to volunteer because she wanted to increase her experience with animals and thought it would be very rewarding to give back to the community. Marianne says that she keeps coming back because of the joy it brings to her life when she knows she can make a difference to the animals.

Marianne has a handsome bichon frise, named Teddy, who she adopted from LHS a little over a year ago. Marianne’s favorite experience while volunteering has been learning how to work with different animals and her favorite moments were made while representing the shelter in the Chelmsford July 4th Parade the past 2 years, to promote adoption and advocacy. The one thing she wants people to know is that the staff at LHS are very caring and compassionate. She’s enjoyed getting to know all of the staff and volunteers.

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