You could probably guess that Copper is a senior dog by looking at him, but when he starts to play, you can see that he is still a puppy at heart. Our team got to work right away when Copper came to the shelter to ensure that he received everything he could possibly need to feel better. Copper got all of his vaccinations, a senior bloodwork panel, his eyes checked by the veterinarian, and received dental surgery to remove the teeth that were causing him pain. Pretty soon, Copper was acting and feeling his best once again!

Copper with his new family on adoption day!

This spring, donate to give a shelter pet at Lowell Humane Society a fresh start. By making a gift today, you will help to ensure that every pet who enters our care this spring receives a proper diet, medical treatment, and the TLC they deserve during our busiest time of the year. 

Hundreds of cats, small animals, and dogs, just like Copper, rely on the shelter each spring, which is why your most generous donation is so important right now.

Copper’s family shares it was love at first sight. He is now in a great new home with his two human parents and his canine sister, Charlotte, whom he loves very much. Thank you for your continued generosity and support that makes stories of fresh starts, like Copper’s, possible.

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