2018 Update

The New Year is a time of reflection, where we look back at how far we’ve come. Eleven years ago, in 2008, our “live release rate” was a meager 58%. Euthanasia rates were high due to overpopulation, lack of funding and a need for change. Over the past decade we have made a commitment to improving our work here at Lowell Humane Society and are proud to share that we have reached 94% in 2018.
What does this number mean? It means that with your support we found live outcomes for 94% of the animals who came to us in need this past year. This number reflects the percentage of pets who left our shelter via adoption, transfer to another rescue or shelter organization or TNR.
Only animals who were terminally ill, suffering or unsafe for our community were humanely put to sleep; these animals first received medical treatment and diagnostics, behavioral training and attention to ensure there was no other possible outcome before this difficult decision was made.
While this number is often what organizations use to label themselves as no-kill, we choose to continue as an open admission shelter, focusing our mission on what is important: being here for those animals who need us most. As our population of shelter animals changes, with less kittens and puppies and more senior pets, we may see that number rise or fall over the years. What will not change is our commitment to compassionate care for every pet who comes our way.
You, our Lowell Humane Society Family, have made it possible to save more lives than ever this past year. You were there for our SPAY-ghetti Dinner, Muddy Paws 5K, Paws For Celebration and every moment in between to ensure medical treatment could be received for pets like Capo, Selena, Betty, Scootch and many, many more.
It is thanks to your compassionate support that we can continue our mission to provide shelter, prevent cruelty to animals, and advocate for their welfare and improve the quality of life for animals and people.
Thank you for being there when you’re needed most!



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