Thank you for supporting the shelter by donating needed items! Your donation will go directly towards helping pets in need. Our facility is small with limited storage space, so if you are planning on donating an item not listed on our Wish List, please email or call the shelter ahead of time to make sure we are able to accept and utilize the item(s) you are looking to donate, and have the space to store them. Thank you for thinking of the animals in our care!

Click here for a printable Wish List. If you are interested in running a Supply Drive for the shelter, visit our Host a Fundraiser page for more details.

Whether you’re collecting items from around your own home or holding a wish list drive at your office, school other business, you can be sure that every item will be put to good use! Contact our Development Manager if you have any questions, and thank you for supporting the shelter!

Below is a link to our Amazon Wishlist, as well as other ways you can support the shelter when you shop!

Amazon – Are you an AMAZON.COM shopper? Check out our AMAZON wishlist here .

We always welcome dry cat food of any brand, cat sized hard sided carriers, soft dog treats, cleaning supplies, towels, unscented clay non-clumping cat litter, cat toys & tough dog toys, and small animal toys.

Cat Litter – We have found the best deal on cat litter through WALMART.COM. We require an UNSCENTED, NON-CLUMPING, CLAY litter to use in the shelter.

Scratching Boxes– In addition to cat litter, we can always use donations of these special Stretch & Scratch cardboard cat scratchers designed for animal shelters. They tie directly onto cage bars and allow cats to exhibit natural behaviors like scratching to keep their nails trim during their stay with us. We even send them home with the cat once they have found a loving new family!

Vegetables & Lettuce – Veggies are an important staple in the diets of many small animals! We can always use donations of these fresh greens to feed our resident guinea pigs and rabbits: romaine lettuce, red or green leaf lettuce, bell peppers, cilantro, parsley. Please stick to the items listed above if you would like to donate fresh veggies as many vegetables are too high in sugar or acid to feed smalls, and some can even be deadly such as iceberg lettuce and chives. Note: We do NOT feed carrots at the shelter