KerriSutherlandKerri Sutherland -Lowell Humane Dog Walker & Dog Task Force Member
Kerri always had a love for animals, growing up with dogs, hamsters and guinea pigs. She initially wanted to be a veterinarian, but learned quickly that involved needles and blood- it was just not meant to be! She spent time volunteering with a shelter when living in Texas and always stopped by Lowell Humane Society to donate items, but when she was laid off from work and found lots of time on her hands she was motivated to finally start volunteering.
Kerri started volunteering just this February, she initially shadowed our dog walkers and quickly became a volunteer dog walker herself; stopping in a few times a week to take dogs for walks, playtime and even the occasional snuggle before a car ride. Kerri is also part of the elite team of Dog Task Force members who are allowed to take dogs offsite for adventures and she also participates in the bi-monthly “Woods Walk” with other LHS staff, volunteers and shelter dogs.
When Kerri isn’t at the shelter, she is taking care of her own two dogs, Lanney and American bulldog and Trixie, a mutt. While she’d love to have more pets, Miss Lanney has made it quite clear that they’re not allowed to adopt any more pets while she’s still around.
Kerri says her favorite thing about volunteering is that that she knows the time she spends at the shelter helps the animals have a better-quality stay and minimizes the stress of being kenneled. The one thing she wants everyone to know about Lowell Humane is the staff is amazing and does everything in their power, with limited resources, to help all animals get adopted quickly into their forever homes.
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