In addition to caring for their constant stream of foster cats, Valerie and Dave have two 13 year old cats named Molly and Charlotte and one 8 year old pup named Bailey. While Valerie has loved every foster experience with LHS, her all-time favorite has been helping to convert a close friend at work to becoming a cat owner AND cat lover! She had not had a cat since childhood and for years Valerie shared stories about all of her adorable foster kittens and cats. Her friends husband likes animals and would always comment on how cute the fosters were when he saw their pictures. Just as one of Valerie’s solo kitten fosters was nearing her return to the shelter, she told her friend how special this kitten was (one of the sweetest, most cuddly, affectionate kittens Valerie had ever met!) and if there were ever a time to open her heart to a cat, this was IT! Fast forward to present day she is the proud momma of two cats. By adopting this one special kitten she learned how awesome loving a cat can be and she now could not imagine life without them!

In addition to foster care, Valerie and Dave opened their home (and garage!) to help create the Lowell Humane Society Chelmsford July 4th Parade Float the last few years; using Dave’s engineering skills and Valerie’s creativity, they (along with a great team of other volunteers) have crafted funky fun floats that caught the judges eye and have brought cash prizes home to the Lowell Humane Society animals several years in a row!

One thing Valerie wants everyone to know is that all the volunteers at the shelter are the nicest people!  She wants to give a special shout out to Deb Forbes, cat volunteer extraordinaire. See Deb if you need a new cat in your life – see is the kindest person and will help you find the right friend.  She helped Valerie and Dave select their two cats from Lowell Humane in 2010 and 2012.

Interested in becoming a foster home or volunteering? Contact our Volunteer Coordinator for details at volunteer@lowellhumanesociety.org.



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